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C2C - Vision Sharing

C2C 90-Day Campaign

In 2004, Mrs. Linda Ma of Citywide Renewal brought the vision of Global Day of Prayer to Hong Kong from Africa. The vision is when peoples from all nations gather together and pray with one heart and one mind, the glory of the Lord would manifest and wonderful things would happen. When Mrs. Ma returned to Hong Kong, she boldly shared this vision with many churches and in the past two years, about 40,000 believers have gathered together at the HK Stadium to pray in unity. By God's grace, we have witnessed the wonderful deeds of the Lord --- our city has moved from difficult times to abundance, the avian flu passed over us, the economy recovered and the unemployment rate dropped. Even when the police force confronted protestors during the WTO M6 Conference, there was peace and stability.

The Lord is not only reviving our hearts to engage in corporate prayer, He also wants us to practically serve one another through sharing. After the 5.27 Global Day of Prayer, Citywide Renewal will launch the website --- an online platform where the body of Christ can share resources with the Church, Community and other Christians. In Jesus' name, we declare that "on the mountain of the Lord it will be provided." So, if you are lacking materially in your ministry, you can post a message on this website. On the other hand, if you have surplus resources that might benefit others, you can also use the website to bless others. There will also be a section for prayer requests and testimonies. We sincerely pray that the Lord will use this cyber platform as a channel for at least 90 days so that our love for Christ and one another may continue to spread through this campaign of caring, sharing and blessing in our city!


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