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Event Organized - Passion Generation II (1 Jul 2004 Thur, ICA)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For all the churches who participated in the various Passion Generation events (from 16th June -- 1st July), I trust that you have already seen that God is doing something amazing with the youth in HK. Senior pastors, youth pastors and hundreds of youth flocked to all the revival meetings and God was and is linking them all together to win the youth of HK.
On 27th June, at THE FURNACE which is a citywide prayer conference, 195 youth signed up to pray one hour a week for the youth revival in Hong Kong. In other words, there is youth praying for revival almost every hour during every week, even in the early morning hours. Praise the Lord!
On July 1st at the IGNITE THE FIRE event, which is the big finale youth crusade, there were more than 1,300 people flooding into our ICA church. The sitting capacity of our church is 800 and there was such an overflow that we had to turn some people away! Many lives were transformed - Glory to God! The youth were on stage giving testimonies, repenting and praying, etc. And at the end of the event, the youth were asking for more Passion Generation events.
Pastor Jaeson Ma will be coming back again in September. We have tentatively booked Kowloon Park on 19th September 2004 (Sunday) for the big Passion Generation outreach event. For details of this event and other upcoming events, we shall announce at a later date.

God Bless,
Linda Ma
Chairperson, Citywide Renewal


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