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Event Organized - Passion Generation I (10 Apr 2004 Sun, Chater Road)

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Dear All,

Thank you for your participation in the "Passion Generation" youth events! Without your prayers, support and mobilization there would not have been so many young lives changed and souls saved! Praise God for His glory that fell on both the youth revival meeting and the Passion Generation youth crusade. Truly, a mighty youth army is arising all over Hong Kong for His glory!

At the revival meeting the Holy Spirit came in power. What was suppose to be a sermon from pastor Jason Ma turned into a prayer meeting, where that night young people cried out to God for over 3 hours in prayer, repentance and asking God to revive the youth of Hong Kong.

At the Passion Generation youth crusade 90% of the youth flooded the altar to not only make a decision to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but they also committed themselves to be willing to suffer and even die for Him! What God is doing in this new generation is radical. Now is the time for us to work together as"one church" to raise up the next generation of leaders!

We realized the Passion Generation events were more than just events. God is beginning a movement all over the city of Hong Kong calling young people to arise and shine for His glory. Many of you have asked what's next after Passion Generation? After much prayer with other church leaders we believe that together we should continue to pray together & hold training conferences to equip the next generation of youth. Therefore we are asking for your continual participation as we plan our next Citywide Renewal event to equip God's youth army in Hong Kong.

Thank you for partnering with Citywide Renewal as the vision is!

  1. Uniting local churches to work together as One Church in Hong Kong for revival
  2. Uniting local churches to pray, fast and stand against idolatries
  3. Uniting local churches of different languages to worship & outreach together
  4. Uniting local churches to reach out to the next generation

God bless & praying for youth revival,
Linda Ma
Chairperson, Citywide Renewal


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